VGP3 engine
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  • ...if you are interested in open wheel racing in general and you haven't tried VGP3, you're missing out...
  • ...VGP3 has the best AI in any sim, it's not a contest anymore...
  • will not be let down by the netcode: it is both reliable and robust...
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Drive a real racecar on your Mac or PC!

Experience a real Grand Prix on your computer with the VGP3 engine!

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Try the free demo

If you are simply curious about the VGP3 engine and you'd like to give it a try, download the Virtual Grand Prix 3 simulator demo to drive a powerful open-wheeled racecar on the Italian Imola track.

Buy a license

Buy a personal license and get access to the full version of the VGP3 engine. Train your sport driving techniques on real Grand Prix tracks or develop new contents with the modding tools.

Develop a new sim

If you'd like to develop your own commercial simulator using the VGP3 engine, feel free to contact us about a commercial license; we're specially interested in indie projects and possible joint-ventures!

Latest News


The VGP3 website has a new hosting! Services are up and running again, at the moment registration of new users is still disabled but we'll reactivate this feature as soon as possible! Read more...


V0.91 (alpha) of the VGP3 engine is now available, featuring many improvements! Read more...

Welcome to the VGP3 Engine Website

The VGP3 engine, foundation of the Virtual Grand Prix 3 racing game, is a real-time car simulation project developed by Paolo Cattani and his staff. The VGP3 engine offers unique features such as custom quasi-finite elements algorithms for the simulation of deformable tyres, an advanced Artificial Intelligence actually able to "learn" any new track layout and to behave in a very human way, strong netcode for multiplayer experience and support for immersive technologies such as OpenGL-compliant true 3d stereoscopic graphics cards or D-BOX's motion technology.

VGP3 racecar

The VGP3 engine extreme realism has roots in its "real world" origins. It was originally developed by Paolo Cattani at AlasSoft's R&D department as a set of tools to quickly prototype performing setups for in-house assembled kit cars. Coupled with a strong AI intended to simulate a human driver for consistent lap-times comparisons, it eventually evolved into a full-featured simulator.

The VGP3 engine can be installed on any modern PC running the Windows (XP or better) or Mac OS X operating systems (Tiger or better, both PowerPC and x86 architectures supported) equipped with good quality USB steering wheel and pedals. An OpenGL-compliant graphics card with at least 256 Mbytes of graphics RAM is also required.